Adidas carding method 2019

Adidas carding method 2019

Many people ask us about how to carding branded items and original clothing from adidas. One of my clients shared with me a successful experience (he bought shoes) and we decided to share this method with you.

Attention: at once we want to say, this article is an introductory and is not a complete instruction for cashing CC. Each method is individual and for its work it is necessary that many especially important conditions be fulfilled.

Cardable method

Let's start with CC and classification - CC you can use absolutely any with a balance of $200 - $5000 (how to check the balance of the СС is written here) It is important: order wholesale official clothing for one drop from one card - DANGER. Now, with regards to sites, there is no need to buy lists of cardable shops, since they are not sold by anyone (just experiment, do 1 drop order and look at the result, if the shop worked, then order things from it).

For example, take 2 sites (you can use them the same) - and (on amazon, not all sellers are reliable, keep an eye on the statistics). When ordering things, check the reviews about a particular model, read the comments and watch video reviews, all this will be necessary for you to choose the right carding clothes and sell them quickly. After we drive in the CC data in the shop and send the goods to your drop, there can be any drop (for more information on choosing drop, you can read here).

								carding method 2019

How to sell products purchased using CC / CVV

With regards to sales, should be sold through social networks or a personal website. How to sell carding stuff through social networks is written here

Site specifics

Now, a little about the specifics of the sites, there is such a bad security system, for example, on, in the case of frequent orders of the same product for more than $ 1000, the site manager will ask you to contact support. Why do we need it and to whom it is necessary, but if you received such a request from technical support, then drop the account and create a new one, since on this account you can’t order anything without communication with the moderators.

Adidas carding method 2019

So read the rules of this or that online store more often, especially at the stage of checking sites, because if you don’t see such information at the very beginning, you will simply lose money

Adidas carding method 2019

Adidas carding method 2019

Good luck for carding