Lenovo/Dell/Microsoft carding method for the year 2020

Lenovo/Dell/Microsoft carding method for the year 2020
Let's determine what we need.

1. Computer running Windows 10 / Windows 7
2. It is important to note that the host does not have to be virtualized; containers such as Docker can be used.
3. When installing, use the standard settings, they work best.
4. Use only live IP without access to geolocation and mobile data or public Wi-Fi

Now follow the instructions below.

First we need to install Google Chrome. Then, after installation, we clear all cookies, cache, plugins history and site settings. Go to the settings and make sure that all settings are set to default.

You need mail that has been registered for a long time. Do not use mail registered during the last 6-8 months. You can buy someone else's mail Yahoo / AOL / Microsoft, for this, find a store with mail on the Internet or on the forums.

Now we need to decide on the time of carding. Pay attention to the residence of the card holder and his time zone. Choose a time between 6 am and 10 pm to use the card. Better use time is after working day.

Open a new window in your browser. Enter the mail you purchased, change the surname name and age to information about the card holder. Delete all previous user actions.

In the same window, go to the Lenovo website. Then go to the catalog and select the laptop you need, you need to remember which model it is or write somewhere. Check that the delivery of the selected laptop does not exceed 3 days. It is best to use delivery on the same day or the next.

Then, in the same tab, we go to the dell or microsoft website and spend some time choosing laptops from the catalog.

We return to the Lenovo website in the same tab (do not use the back button). And again we find the laptop that you selected earlier and add to the basket. A bit of insider information: if the selected car has a price of $ 2,000, you can change the quantity by 2, because most credit lines start at $ 4,000. (But this increases the risk of cancellation, that's up to you.)

We proceed to placing the order, all information must be entered by hand. NEVER copy information. Avoid switching to other tabs to avoid telemetry and transaction blocking

Select “Same as Shipping” for the name and address of the invoice. And as a form of payment, select KLARNA.

The order is placed, we made exactly half, now we need to change the delivery address. We go to ups.com and create a new account using the information of the card holder. Download the tracking information and see the order status. Must be: leaving the first destination, usually South or North Carolina. Now go to the tracking details and click on the Change button and select "Hold to receive." Thus, you can pick up the goods yourself from UPS branches.

Wait for your order to be delivered. Prepare documents with a photo of the card holder, you can from neighboring states, few people pay attention to this. It is important that the name and photo match. And then we go and pick up your order on our own.

That’s it folks ……………