Jewelery carding 2019 | Methods of carding 2019

Jewelery carding 2019 | Methods of carding 2019

In this article, I wanted to raise the topic of expensive goods, that is, goods that are more profitable than others - precious metals (gold, silver, platinum), diamonds, jewelry, necklace rings.

Part 1

First, in Europe there are many buyers of various precious metals, which in turn offer inflated prices. To such metals include: silver, platinum, gold, of course to buy and hold them is quite difficult, but it is possible. Secondly, these are jewelry and precious stones, sometimes it even happens that you simply buy the same diamonds directly and transport them to Germany and sell them at a premium of 10%, without carding, So now imagine what a large percentage can be obtained from the carding of these things.

Part 2

To begin with, let's take a look at carding with precious metals; gold things, jewelery, in particular rings, can be used in this matter. For example, wedding rings can be bought in a good online store at a good price. With silver is the same, look for jewelry or a table set made of silver and produce carding on your drops. Sites for entering dumps and ordering can be searched, for example, on African platforms, because in these places gold is sold at lower prices than in Greece or the USA. Look for stores of large manufacturers for carding large volumes of the same drop, since these products have their own specifics when ordering. The more you order for a net drop, the less trouble you will get. Since after the first time, the address of a drop can get into the register of not bona fide buyers, and this is a ban on many online stores at once. For this, do not risk and immediately order for more.

Part 3

Carding jewelry and precious stones is more difficult because it is harder to sell, because, for example, gold is metal that can be purchased at any pawnshop, and necklaces, bracelets, etc. cannot be sold at a pawnshop, at least as easy as gold or silver. Therefore, it is necessary to have a buyer for these goods in advance, preferably one who can make documents for this luxury. With gems, everything is much simpler, you can safely sell them in separate pawnshops at a good price, but here you need to order with caution. Since the stones are too large, suppose a one and a half carat diamond may raise questions from the pawnshop workers about the origin of this stone. So it is necessary to order a lot, like with gold, but small stones are half a carat, and give your orders to sell them to different pawnshops at different times, so as not to arouse suspicion from the workers. This scheme concerns not only diamonds or gold, but all expensive metals and stones.