Nike carding method 2019

Nike carding method 2019
In order for this method to work you'll need:
  • RDP
  • Find a drop in USA (but if you live in a country where Nika Ships, you can try to find a place on your city)
  • CC from USA (Mastercard or Visa) with high balance. how to check the balance you can read here: How check CC/CVV balance 
  • Speed and brain. The result depends on how quickly you do it. Useful information for nuts: Real people always enter CC number, never copy it.

Let's go to the method itself

  1. First you need to find a stable RDP (If you are new to this, look for it on the Internet)
  2. Log in to your RDP.
  3. Launch the browser and be mandatory, MANDATORY, clear all cookies/cache/history.
  4. Check your IP in the appropriate tabs. It may be blacklisted.
  5. Go to the official website nike :
  6. Select the desired product in the catalogs, add it to the basket, then add the card and click check.
  7. Never login to less information about yourself
  8. Billing = Shipping (Your billing address is the drop and your shipping address is the same.)
  9. Enter CC (Number, date, Exp. and CVV2)
  10. Check the “My billing details are the same with shipping” mark.
  11. Enter a fake phone number. Required: the phone number must be the same as in the city of delivery (phone code, etc.)
  12. Enter a fake e-mail. Best to use Gmail. Important: mail must look true. For example, if our cardholder is Linda Rehm, then mail should be
  13. Complete your order
  14. Wait for sending