What's VBV and MCSC and how do they work

What's VBV and MCSC and how do they work

VBV-Verified by Visa

MCSC-MasterCard SecureCode

Note: Don't confuse with CVV card.

Explanation from visa.com:

What is Verified by Visa?

The Verified by Visa service (“Verified Visa”) provides additional security when purchasing goods over the Internet. This free service is easy to activate for a card that you already have.

How it works

With the help of the bank that issued your card, determine your personal identification method and activate the card within a few minutes. The bank will offer you to either choose a password, or send a code via SMS to your mobile phone. After activation, the Verified by Visa service (“Verified Visa”) will provide you with the necessary protection every time you visit the online store.

When shopping in an online store, the system will automatically determine that your card is protected by Verified by Visa ("Verified Visa").

Check the transaction details. Confirm that the instruction complies with the terms of the contract with your issuing bank.

Follow the instructions to complete the transaction.

The issuing bank will confirm your data, after which the transaction will be successfully completed.

MCSC Explanation from the site Mastercard:

MasterCard SecureCode is an easy and secure way to pay for purchases in online stores. The SecureCode secret code, known only to you and the service bank, provides your MasterCard plastic card with additional protection against unauthorized use in online stores that support this technology.

Simply put, VBV and MCSC are like a pin code, but only for online purchases.

Now, the overwhelming majority of the cards have VBV and MCSC protection installed, but there are still cards on which there is no protection. You can find these cards by BIN's, which are called "no vbv".

Having examined what form we buy the card in the SS shop and having found that there is no VBV or MCSC anywhere, the question “how can we make a purchase on someone else’s card without knowing this code?”. The code is not requested from us by the bank that issued the card but by the merchant who is responsible for the transaction between the cardholder's bank and the online store. Merchant's card bin determines whether the VBV protection is present at the card and, if it is present, either throws it to the bank's website where we are asked to enter a code or this is done in the merchant window itself. Here, the most beautiful thing is that the merchant requesting this code in the USA is no more than 10-15%, for all the others, the data on the card that we have when buying from the CC online store is enough for the transaction.

In those merchant that require VBV, you should use either CC + VBV (material rare and expensive) or CC with bin no vbv.

In the case of using CC + VBV to the online store, there will be no chargeback since all responsibility for such a transaction lies with the bank, in this case the probability of getting the goods from the online store without problems is 100%. Only the cardholder or the bank, as they among themselves will decide this question is unknown and not interesting, the most important thing is our product received and sold.

In the case of using CC + VBV, you can easily send to different addresses, as the merchant and online stores trust in such transactions is very high.