Zeek.me carding method 2019 | How card Zeek.me giftcards

Zeek.me carding method 2019 | How card Zeek.me giftcards

This is an exclusive carding method 2019. On the Internet there are many described Zeek carding methods. Many of our customers complain that they are not working on this, we have found for you exclusive information about how to create Giftcards using Zeek.me.
Important: This method may not work in all countries, but you can still try it (At the moment, the method is tested in USA and UK)

First VPN then Zeek.me

Before you go to the Zeek website, you need to purchase a paid VPN. Choosing a VPN, choose a country that matches CC / CVV / Fullz.

Zeek.me method for card

Then go to Zeek.me from your phone and register. After you have accessed your account, go to the profile settings section and enter information from your CC / CVV / Fullz, BUT enter your e-mail and phone number!

After your profile is set up, go to the gift card section and select a gift card with a price of no more than $ 30-35 and complete the order using your CC / CVV / Fullz. If everything is completed successfully, the order will read "awaiting review".

Now we are waiting for a letter from Zeek.me. Zeek will send you a request for confirmation of the order by mail, which you specified when ordering. Everything is simple, you only need to press a button and confirm that you have made a purchase..

After confirmation, go to your profile on Zeek.me, then find the code for your gift card. After using the card, keep buying the giftcard further, use a different CC / CVV / Fullz each time in order to remain inconspicuous.

Important: you need to understand that the bank can notify the cardholder's that a cash transaction and purchases are made from his card and the cardholder can cancel all transactions. By this you need to act quickly and quietly!

Zeek.me Bins (tested by our customers)

476367 UK TSB
587366 USA PointBank - small bank, the method works in 90% of cases